Balance Your Hormones, Change Your Life

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Mental health is crucial to your overall well-being. Mindset can also be a game-changer and the first step toward wellness. Let me help you get your mind on track so that you can continue on your journey to your best self.


There are all sorts of physical ailments and challenges we face that can be managed or eliminated with the right nutrition and lifestyle. I can guide you in determining the right steps to take to improve your specific health concerns.


How are you feeling emotionally? Are you happy with the direction your life is going? Are you satisfied in areas such as relationships, career, and finances? What would you like to work on that would really fill your soul? Let’s talk about how to find joy and satisfaction in all aspects of your life.

Are you curious about how health coaching can help you? Let’s talk.


As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I create a supportive environment that enables you to articulate and achieve your wellness goals. I take a holistic approach to helping you naturally balance your hormones and regulate your menstrual cycle through practical diet and lifestyle shifts. With my guidance and support, you can finally be free of symptoms that have been negatively impacting your health and life. And, if pregnancy is your goal, I can help you get there and will be an integral part of your care team, whether you conceive naturally or through the assistance of fertility treatments.

Most approaches to female reproductive challenges focus on band-aid solutions and quick fixes that do not address the root cause. Instead of giving a pill to mask symptoms, I coach my clients to explore every aspect of their lives that could be contributing to their health challenges - from nutrition to sleep to exercise to stress to mindset - it is all connected! We will work together to create an action plan for implementing gradual lifestyle changes that will help us address the the root cause of your hormone imbalances. As these pieces accumulate, you will find that these changes and our time together collectively create a much larger impact than originally anticipated. 



As a former coach and now colleague of Susie, I'm so proud that she has chosen this path.  Susie is compassionate, honest, caring, and kind.  Also she is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to women's health.  These qualities combined with a deep desire to empower and help other women are the reasons why Susie should be on your speed dial for women's health needs.  

 - Adrienne W.


Susie has been an incredible coach and mentor for me throughout the past several months. She has been able to support me in making some critical decisions in regards to my business that I would not have been able to make on my own. She has also given me valuable insight into hormonal imbalances and the importance of diet, tracking, and weaning while trying to conceive my second child. She is always kind, supportive, and willing to go out of her way to help. I am thankful for Susie.

- Lindsay V.


After meeting with the endocrinologist and learning that I had PCOS, I approached Susie about my condition and she helped me better understand it. With her knowledge and personal experiences of her own fertility issues, I was able to understand my circumstance and begin to help cure myself without any medication. I am thankful Susie has guided me to find a way to overcome PCOS naturally and in a way that makes me feel better than I have ever felt before! It has been 7 months since I started working with her and I am already confident I am on the right path to being capable of fertility and pregnancy without any issues! 

 - Liana M.


Susie has helped me fill in the gaps on my overall health that have never been addressed in detail or customized enough at annual checkups.  She made me realize that it’s actually quite simple to be the healthiest version of yourself and it has more pay offs than I ever imagined. I was nervous to go off the birth control pill because I had awful cramps beforehand, but Susie has helped me make minor adjustments to my diet and now I barely even notice cramps! She’s provided tips for regulating, tracking and understanding my cycle. Her advice and suggestions don’t stop there - she’s helped me find ways to cope with stress, sleep better, improve digestion, lower cholesterol, and prep healthy snacks and simple weeknight meals. In the future, I’m also excited to find out all her ideas to have a healthy, more comfortable pregnancy and shorter labor! What I love the most about working with Susie is that instead of putting a band aid on a problem, she helps you figure out how to address the underlying issue, and she’s so supportive, understanding, and caring every step of the way. She truly wants to help you in every way she can.

- Jaclyn G.


I think it’s Susie’s passion for helping people gain control over their health through optimizing nutrition that makes her so good at what she does. I never thought I could feel this good! For the past 10 years, I have dealt with acid reflux and autoimmune issues. I saw doctor after doctor and nothing has ever been able to make the same impact on my health that Susie's coaching has. I learned how to help my body heal itself with Susie’s doable lifestyle change approach. She doesn’t make promises or unbelievable healing claims - she just knows what she’s doing because she’s dedicated to delivering the most accurate, up-to-date health information along with ways to realistically integrate them into your life to make you feel better. After meeting with Susie in response to my PCOS diagnosis, I have been able to healthfully change my diet and lifestyle and have even noticed that my lifelong asthma and chronic skin conditions (I’ve had eczema and psoriasis - both autoimmune!) have improved tremendously. Most notably, I now have the tools to manage my PCOS, which I often forget I have because my hormones are so well balanced now! Her coaching isn’t just physical, but seriously aids in mental health; her approach has given me a sense of confidence and control in my habits, not to mention a well-nourished brain is much more capable of working at its best! I feel so grateful and can't recommend her enough.

- Christine C.